Posted by: tabliope | May 20, 2008


view from end
sweetpea corner
view from terrace
The first photograph gives us the whole sweep of the sruffy lawn and my plan is to create some terraced beds on the left hand side (as you look at the photo) and create a path with wood chippings.  I think I'm either going to pay someone to do this or hire a rotovator and enlist the services of Mr Pork.

Last night our landlord brought us a bill for 270 Euros for the water rates but then told us to invest the money in the garden instead.  So, that should cover the cost of it.



  1. That was nice of him. Btw. if you want nice plants that grow quickly and add some height and breadth… we bought a Eurphorbia last year that was about 5 small stems, this year we had to cut it back but it’s a lovely dome shape. We also planted a Sambuca Nigra (I think), it looks a bit like an Acer in terms of leaf shape, but almost a blackish purple. I pruned it this Spring, and it’s now a lovely bushy shape.

  2. It certainly looks like it has potential – nice space.  And what a sensible landlord.

  3. That does look like a good space.  With all my gardening knowledge, I’d like to recommend tobacco plants – they smell lovely on a warm summer evening.

  4. Have you thought about getting a couple of pigs? They would turn the ground over beautifully for you between now and next spring, and keep you in chops and bacon all 2009.

  5. [this is good] I really like that idea – I may have to work on the neighbourhood a little.

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