Posted by: tabliope | May 16, 2008


My plan to copy as many people on the internet as possible has gained momentum with Gamba blogging about Gyrotonics and today I had my free trial.  it was fantastic; I hadn't believed I'd get a whole session and had only expected to get a bit of explanation and try a couple of moves but I got the full 55 minutes.  Part of what it so great is that it's one-to-one but the exercises were fun.  For the first time ever in any exercise class I didn't have one eye on the clock.  Sadly she's away for the next couple of weeks but I've signed up to see her in 2 weeks and then for a few weeks after that.

Right now, who else has done something that I can copy?



  1. I am thinking about trying pilates on Sunday.  No really, I am.  

  2. I just had Pimms and scones. You ought to give that a go.
    Excellent news about gyrotonics – it sound ace.

  3. I emailed somebody about gyrotonics and followed it up with a cup of tea and some chocolate so I hope you’re both pleased.

  4. I’m already doing that OinkFox – I ought to have a pimms and scones party here for the neighbours.  They’ve probably recovered from the mince pie experience by now.Kate, I think that’s a well-rounded exercise plan

  5. please feel free to shout at violent and abusive people until you go hoarse. Thats mostly what I’ve been doing.

  6. Excellent.  I just roasted a chicken, ate it with my family and am now going to use the leftovers to make stock and risotto.  That wouldn’t be too hard or unpleasant to copy, would it?  We washed it down with very cold cava.  Yum!
    Glad to hear you liked Gyro – sounds like your teacher is a good ‘un.

  7. I don’t think I can do shouty today – I’m slightly delicate and may have to hide from shoutiness.  It would be nice to roast a chicken though.

  8. I’ve sat on the sofa and watched the whole first series of Northern Exposure…

  9. Good work!  

    I also didn’t go to pilates as it was fully booked.  Instead I went to Whitstable and had fish and chips on the beach. 

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