Posted by: tabliope | May 13, 2008

Question of the year…or possibly the decade.

Why does your partner deserve elevation to sainthood?

Because when I start a conversation with the words: 'I'm not being horrible about your sister…', and then proceed to spend three hours on a thorough character assassination based around two sentences that she wrote in an email and then complete the diatribe with, 'I probably sound like I'm being mean…' – he never, ever, ever tells me that not only am I being both horrible and mean but I'm also sounding like a miserable old boot into the bargain.  This, of course, lends absolute support to the fact that I am being neither mean nor horrible and am mentioning these things merely for the good of both my sister-in-law and my husband. 



  1. [this is good] Can I just ditto that?

  2. Mine is usually a rant about Nick’s brother….

  3. The Breakdancer and I both bitch about our own and each others’ families.  It helps us let off steam.  I think it’s quite a normal thing to do.

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