Posted by: tabliope | May 7, 2008

I am supposed to be…

I am supposed to be responsible for this today.  Just look at that face and decide who is in charge.  I think I'm too old for puppies.




  1. [this is good] Awwww.  

  2. Oh!  Jack Russell face but great long legs – beautiful …

  3. awww indeed – that was just as he thought he might chew the back of my sofa.Floaty – I think he’s supposed to be a Parson’s Jack Russell – they have longer legs, I understand.

  4. I’m guessing it’s not you …

  5. No, indeed not Plubs – today I was gardening with a Jack Russell which was a lot of fun for one of us.

  6. I bet you have lots and lots of lovely huge holes in your garden now then, ay?  And probably a very mucky carpet.

  7. This is the best sort of dog. Ever. We used to have one like that. If he follows me home can I keep him?

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