Posted by: tabliope | April 25, 2008

My career as a stalker…

Despite having been pretty busy these last few weeks I've still managed to fit in some stalking time around belly
but decided not to do the tooth or back thing but did the feeding and illness thing.  Where Belly and I differ is that I haven't weighed myself but I have bought some new clothes.  I didn't buy as many new clothes as I would have liked partly because of my bank manager having some rather conservative notions about how much money one should have in their bank account before going off on a spend.  The other reason that I didn't buy as many new clothes as I would have liked is because a lot of size 12s are too big but the size 10 is just a bit tight.  This is from the person who struggled to get into anything in size 14 at Xmas.  I am much slimmer and I am wearing a pair of rather fetching raspberry pink linen trousers in a size 10 – incidentally, that is a real size 10 rather than the pretend size 10s that some shops try to fool you with.  Had I worn raspberry pink linen trousers in the past it would have been for a bet or in order to illustrate some article in a journal of psychology about the madness of the menopause or some such thing. My belly seems to have gone.

The best, and most entertaining comments came from my lovely niece who may need some development in the tact department but she meant well:

Niece:  Auntie Pork, you've lost LOADS of weight haven't you?

Niece's Mum: I don't think LOADS dear.

Niece: Oh yeah, Mum – she's lost LOADS – she was really fat before.



  1. I can only dream about size 10. well done! the neice and the trousers sound ace!

  2. Better than Niece’s mum replying “Not really, she’s just as fat as before…”
    Well done you though, you must be feeling really great (aside from the illness!).
    It’s a bummer being in betweeny sizes though, isn’t it?

  3. Illness is clearly the new Atkins. And congratulations.

  4. [this is good] Oh my goodness, a size ten.  I’m not even aiming for that – I’m going for a 12.  Well done you!

  5. the size 10 trousers are because linen does have a lot of give in it – but I’m still pretty pleased with it all.

  6. I have a selection of jeans in various size 10s/28’s for my varying waist/love handles sizes.  The Paul Smiths straightlegs with no stretch are the most unforgiving (ie bloody impossible to do up sometimes) and the Earl jeans are the kindest.  Today I’m in the middle of the range wearing different Paul Smiths – bootcut with lycras.  Gawd.

  7. You are going to be my inspiration once it’s time for me to lose the extra poundage I’ve been gaining over the past few months. For now though, I’ll continue scoffing delicious Pick-Up bars and chocs. (Thanks!)

  8. I lost 2.5 dresses sizes by DIY (am now annoying nearly size 10, my 12 jeans are too baggy by far around the bum, hips etc but I bet a 10 would be just a tad too tight) obviously DIY and sickness are the new PMcK.Well done Mrs Pork!

  9. I’ve developed a sore throat today.  I’m hoping to make some dietary losses.

  10. I’ve just ate a KitKat, and now I want another. I feel I don’t belong here.

  11. Lucy: I *heart* you!

  12. Are you just saying that for my KitKat? 

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