Posted by: tabliope | March 27, 2008

of fish and progress

Back in the dark days of the previous century we went to the Algarve for our honeymoon.  It cost £99 each – it was a late booking and all we knew was that we would go to somewhere in Portugal but until we arrived we didn't have a clue what our accommodation would be like or where exactly we would be.  We struck lucky and had a villa that was meant for 6 people, there was a pool, a view over Albufeira and it was just fab.  Whilst there we went to the harbour in Portimao (I think) and ate sardines by the harbour while watching the fishermen unloading their catches.  It was the most basic of cooking and eating; a few shacks lining the harbour, in front of each shack there was a barbecue and the fish were cooked on the coals whilst potatoes and salad were put together in the huts.   You ate with an audience of gulls and cats grudging you each mouthful.  Before you got to your plastic table by the quayside you had to navigate coils of ropes, lobster pots and bits and pieces of boats – It's the sort of thing that I like to imagine was put on the earth purely to distress the Health and Safety committee that the world seems to be turning into.  And it seems that H&S are winning here now.  'The old traditional restaurants have been recently transformed by a
huge and successful redevelopment of the quayside area, bringing new
walkways and fountains to complement the existing character of the
So, shunning progress, this time around, we took ourselves off to Ferragudo where we annoyed the owner of the posh fish restaurant by eating cheap sardines while occupying one of his better tables.  Well, if he doesn't want people eating cheap food then he shouldn't put it on the menu.




  1. I’m off to the Algarve in June for a fortnight of sun, sea and sand and I’m so excited about it that I may actually do a wee right here and now.(I also have visited Ferragudo, incidentally, and when I make my millions I shall buy the place. You will, of course, be most welcome to visit).

  2. I felt it had become quite expensive – or else I’ve become terribly cheap.  I’m not sure.  However, it was all wonderful and if for some reason you couldn’t make it in June – for instance, someone had put a curse on you over the internet or something- then I’d be happy to take your place.

  3. I think Norton Antivirus blocks out most internet curses, so I should be fine. But thanks for the offer, it’s appreciated. No point letting the villa go to waste, after all.

  4. That looks absolutely gorgeous.  I might pop over meself ….

  5. Norton Antivirus IS an internet curse.

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