Posted by: tabliope | March 15, 2008

The breathlessness of the short-distance runner

Today I decided to start running again – I used to run years ago but gave up due to what I thought was an arthritic hip.  There's a dull story involving me being uncharacteristically docile and a doctor being somewhat short tempered – the end result was that I pretty much accepted that my hip would continue to worsen and that I should do only the exercise that didn't knacker it.  One of the doctor's pronouncements was that I should come back to him once I could no longer walk five miles.  That happened at Christmas where I was in so much pain I was unable to climb a flight of steps but it passed and so I did nothing about it and then a few weeks later I was out for dinner (it was the fish and pineapple horror show) and then my hip went weird and I was hobbling.  So, I went to the doctor who gave me a cortisone injection and referred me to a hip doctor.  Had I not had a prior appointment I would have seen the hip doctor the next morning and as it was I only waited 2 weeks.  Hip doctor told me to take my jeans off and then she wiggled my hips, told me to lie down and lift one leg and then she gave me an exercise to do involving bending my leg.  It will be better in a month she told me and indeed it was.  I don't have arthritis, I had a muscle injury which was being aggravated by me using my leg badly and then there was referred pain which increased it all.  So, that's all great.

Except – my lungs are now burning a hole in my throat.

I ran for 1 kilometer.




  1. Oh that’s great news, good for you.  

  2. You went to a Hip Doctor? Cool Daddio, cool.

  3. I am the queen of hipness.thanks oink

  4. Brilliant news on the non-arthritis porkette.  Less good on the burning lungs …

  5. I ran today – 2 kilometers and no burning lungs.  

  6. Good for you.  I am finding it impossible to motivate myself to do anything in the way of exercise at the moment.  Any excuse will do.

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