Posted by: tabliope | March 14, 2008

The last of the McKennas…

I started the PM thing 15 days ago and I cheated on the weighing bit.  You're supposed to give it 14 days before weighing but I caved in after 10 days and discovered that I'd lost 4lbs so I was feeling good.  Today I discover that I've lost 7lbs.  What this translates to is me getting into my skinniest jeans* completely comfortably and I'm rediscovering my wardrobe.  I'm going away for some early spring sunshine next week and I'd been thinking that I should buy some new things but instead I just went through the wardrobe and discovered all the verbotten clothes that have lain there for a while. 

The other thing it translates to is me feeling very good about myself.  Last year I hit 50 and I gave up smoking – as in properly gave up smoking and not doing my pretend giving up which involved not smoking on Tuesday unless I had a crisis like missing a bus.  I compensated for not smoking by eating and whining and then at Christmas realised that I had to do something about my weight because I was looking matronly.  I wasn't giving up the whining for anyone. That old apple shape is a bitch and having a big belly just seemed to make being slightly overweight look much worse than if I'd just got a big arse.  I didn't want to be 50 and plump and matronly – I didn't really want to be 50 either but even Paul M can't alter the time space continuum. 

And anyone who wants to give me grief about the whole feeling good about yourself versus weight thing can go and chew something.  I've got plenty else to feel good about too but I don't want to be matronly while feeling good about the rest.

I'm not going to mention PM again unless I suddenly put all this weight back on and then I'll moan my heart out.

* I need to point out that I'm using the term skinny jeans in a completely subjective manner. 



  1. 7 pounds in 25 days?  You should feel good about yourself.  Well done.

  2. woah!! gwan!! Mckenna rocks. And has just prevented me from finishing my egg fried rice.  xx 

  3. That is seriously impressive – enjoy your “new” wardrobe.

  4. I’ve now got 2 more people doing it – if this was pyramid selling we’d be on our way to making a million.  

  5. I always have to put my ‘skinny’ jeans in quote marks, but I’m not quite sure I can justify calling anything in a 16 skinny.

  6. Losing half a stone through eating exactly what you want is a MIRACLE and I think we should hail PMcK as the next Messiah. After my delicious (and unfinished!) Sunday lunch of bacon and cabbage and Guinness I think that should I ever meet the man I would fall to my knees and wash his feet with my hair.

  7. That’s 7 lbs in 15 days, Oinks, not 25.  A bleedin’ miracle, that is.

  8. Ah yes!  Blimey!

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